Why We Need Structure In Groups?


Without structure, a plan or any organization, buildings could not be built or remain standing. If built without any structure, a building would eventually crumble.

In the same way, a community group without any structure will drift and wander without any purpose or goal.

There are some groups that don’t have any structure when it comes to their curriculum. While you can open it up to the group for suggestions, you as a group leader can make a decision on what study you will be doing for that particular season. You can choose something from our recommended curriculum.  If you need help deciding, you can ask one of our group directors as well.

There are other groups that don’t have structure when it comes to when and where they are meeting. Create a predictable environment by planning out the location you are meeting in advance and also start and end your meeting on time.  A usual group meeting will last for about 90 minutes.

I find that when you create structure in your groups, you and your members will have less anxiety and focus on what matters most: growing in your faith and building authentic community.