How can I get childcare reimbursement?

You can access the childcare reimbursement form online by finding a link entitled "Online Childcare Reimbursement Form" on the homepage of this website (

What curriculum do I use?

We would like for each of our groups to choose their own curriculum from sermon based curriculum, RightNowMedia or other resources. You can choose to focus on a specific bible study, book, or message series that meets a felt need of your group throughout the year. We have a suggested curriculum list on this website ( which can also be accessed through There are some resources that are available for free like RightNowMedia and some downloadable bible studies but your group is responsible to provide its own materials like workbooks or participant guides.

You may also find resource suggestions at

What is the group agreement?

The group agreement is simply a tool to help your group determine group expectations. Together as a group you will determine the day/time your group meets, the duration of your group, what will take place in your group time, as well as general group expectations. Your group will fill out this form at the end of the eight week starter period. It is our hope that this form will help to provide a predictable environment where participants can pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth.

What is Multiplication?

During the term of the group, the group leader will train an apprentice to be the leader of the next group. At the end of the group, the leader will take half the current group, and the apprentice (after becoming an approved leader) will take the other half of the group. Then they will both add more members to their respective new groups, therefore allowing others to join groups with seasoned leaders.

What is Apprenticing?

Apprenticing is one of our many plans for recruiting, training, and equipping new leaders to lead Community Groups. As you get to know the members of your new group, we want you to prayerfully consider whom might be a great candidate to apprentice your group. At the halfway mark of your group, we would like you to ask this person to consider becoming your apprentice. For the remaining half of your group this person will begin to "take on" some of the group responsibility, will begin attending leader meetings with you, and will begin the leader application process. It is our hope that when it is time for your group to multiply, your apprentice will be able to step into leading another group.